ENILV’s International Relations

Class Trips

ENILV’s various degree programs provide the opportunity for each class to organize a study tour abroad. Students take initiative to define the objectives of their trip,  manage the fundraising , and get involved in projects related to their degree program. Whether professional, technical, cultural, usually a mix of all three, ENILV’s study tours offer a memorable learning experience to both full-time students and apprentices.

College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise

BTSA Production and Sales apprentices discovered typical Irish food manufacturing and organized a tasting and commercial survey of typical French products in partnership with the College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise.

Institut Agricole du Val d’Aoste

BTSA Production students visited several companies, a collaborative exchange with the l’Institut Agricole du Val d’Aoste in Italy.


In their final year of baccalauréat / high school specializing in Science, the class visited Copenhagen, Denmark to study the topic of renewable energy.


In their final year of baccalauréat / high school specializing in Laboratory Science, the class visited biotech laboratories in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Each year, teams of students are selected to compete in the Sensory Analysis competition. Organized by the EUROPEL association founded by ENILV in 1992, about 60 students compete to become the best professional tasters of dairy products. The last edition of the contest was held at the University of Warmia in Poland and soon it will be our turn to host our friends from the four corners of Europe!

Professional training

Several groups of foreign professionals come to ENILV each year for technical training and to see our manufacturing units. For more information about our customized professional training sessions, please contact Julie Deballon at julie.deballon@enilv.fr . To know more about our manufacturing units, please contact Hugo Franquelin, production director, at hugo.franquelin@educagri.fr

Working internships

ENILV’s vocational degree programs include a training period working in a company. This professional experience is vital to students’ career prospects at the end of their studies, even more so when students have practiced their skills abroad. Thanks to several regional scholarships and the Erasmus + program, both full-time students and apprentices in many of our degree programs can take advantage of the opportunity to work abroad during their studies at ENILV. We also host foreign students from our partner schools as interns at our manufacturing units. Contact us to know more about your possibilities for this unique learning experience.

Partner Institutions

Connecting future dairy professionals to schools and ensuring that school programs meet the needs of the industry, the AFDIL offers a scholarship for foreign internships carried out in the dairy industry

The French professional dairy network, including the Association of European Dairy Schools, Europel, founded by ENILV in 1992.

Switzerland, USA, Canada, Népal… Each year, our region supports internships all over the globe. At ENILV, typically these scolarships are awarded to Vocational Baccalauréat and Higher National Certificate BTS A, but other degree programs can qualify.  

Some of the study tour projects were funded in part by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region under the Découverte Région program.

Additional support for foreign internships is provided by the « Direction Régionale de l’Alimentation, de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes »

Thanks to the Erasmus Consortium of the CFA Dardilly, apprentices in Level 4 Certificate in Dairy, Meat, or Farmhouse Processing now have the opportunity to do short internships abroad.

Student mobility projects were financed with the support of the European Commission.

The author has sole responsibility for the content of this publication. The Commission is in no way responsible for the use of information found here.

Hosting ENILV’s apprentices on study tours since 2015, and more projects are in the works.

Students from the IAR regularly continue their studies at ENILV in order to obtain a Food Processing diploma recognized by the Italian system. In future, ENILV hopes to develop additional, reciprocal exchanges with this long-standing partner.


ENILV is providing technical advice for Temara’s future food science degrees. Food Science technicians have visited Temara to assist the school in selecting equipment for its future Food Technology training center. In March 2018, ENILV will receive two teachers from Temara on internship from the ENFA. A partnership agreement is in the works.

UWM hosted Europel’s Sensory Analysis contest in 2017. Thanks to UWM’s new Dairy Science degree, a partnership agreement is currently underway.

Erasmus Charter